About Me

My name is Steve Hall

In the summer of 2008 I went through the most traumatic experience of my live. I was made redundant from the company where I had worked for the last twelve years. It took me until Christmas to get over the shock, thinking that being made redundant was a reflection on my personal ability to perform my work.

I was rather daunted by the prospect of having to go and look for work again. I did not have a clue about how to write my CV and to search for another job.

So I sat down one weekend with a blank word document and started to write my CV. After a few changes in layout and font I sent it to as many agencies I could find doing a google search.

Over the next few months I had several calls from agencies with job adverts similar to my experiences but each time my CV was sent to the employer I heard no more. At the time I put it down to a difficult global market with many candidates going for a limited supply of jobs. Then a friend of mine recommended a professionally written CV from The CV Centre the UK’s leading CV consultancy.

I was dubious as to whether they would be able to prepare a CV for me that was unique. So I easily sent the initial submission of my application form via their website.

Not only did they review my existing CV and tell me exactly why it wasn’t winning me any interviews but they also produced a fantastic new CV and cover letter that I was sure would produce much better results for me.

After having my CV prepared by The CV Centre, I immediately got three interviews one to an employer who had previously rejected my application.

I used to really dread interviews, got so anxious but after having just one session of interview coaching with The CV Centre I have never been so confident walking into an interview room before. It made a huge difference and I sailed through the interview and I was offered my dream new job.

A professional CV Writing Service is definitely money very well spent.